Friday, February 3, 2012

February 3rd 2012

Well, December 24th, Christmas Eve, we deeded to stay home as there was so much to do before Santa Clause arrived; we had to help Santa set up a table that had 100 pieces of a train set plus other great knick knacks that went with it. It took your father and me more then 4 hours to assemble it but it was worth it.

Christmas day, wow, what a great moment just watching you looking at the Christmas gifts under the tree, you eyes just lip up. Your father and I made a deal that this year him and I were not going to exchange any gifts as we decided to go on vacation in January. train that we bought in NH for you, Hex bug with there own home, little electronics hamsters, Thomas the train book with a map and small trains that go with it, a conductor outfit, an elephant that moves its truck and make noises and so much more gifts, you kept saying “encore” with a big smile. It was so much fun just watching you. Then when we went down stairs and saw your new train table with all your new trains, your face said it all. It was worth for your father and me to stay up till midnight to assemble it.

Once we finished opening all the gifts and having breakfast, we went to Aunt Leona and Aunt Pauline, there were more gifts for you there! You even got a foosball from here! I have to admit, you were pretty good at leaving your toys at home to go and see them, you did not hesitate, once we got back home, we played and played and played some more until we got to Uncle Luc’s house, where you had fun with your cousins and to our surprise, Santa Clause came to say hi and to distribute the gifts. What a great guy he is!

Now, Christmas is over, we have so much more to do and plan!! On the 27th, we went to see Katerine, we spent the day with her, we had so much fun, we even did face painting, yup, you even painted my face and Katerine’s, we were laughing so much!

On the 31st, we went to St-Hubert BBQ, with your fathers side of the family, Adam was even there with his family and his two children which are your second cousins, they are 5 and 3, and you had a blast as there is a great play area there. So you, Adam and Anthony has fun just playing there. It was fun to see you with your cousins!

January 1st, our tradition dinner at Aunt Nathalie which I love, we had fun talking with everyone, you had fun with Julian and Paolo and then of course, “pisnote”, a fun game that we have been playing for such a long time, I think you now understand it as you were getting very good at it!

January 3rd, we went to visit Lori-Ann and Emi-Ly at there house, what fun we had, they are 4 years old and almost 5 and you being close to 3 ½, it is great to see you play with children “your age” It was so funny, as you got undress, one of the girls gave you a pink undershirt with heart, you had your pull ups on, they also had an undershirt and there underwear and you were all pretending that you were going to the beach with the big blue blanket you guys put on the floor, it was so funny to watch you guys! Lucie and I could not stop laughing.

January 4th, we decided to go to St-Sauveur, at Grand-papa Guy’s house, he is gone to Florida for a few month, so since the house is empty, we asked Cynthia, Andre, Audrey and Daniel to join us. What a great time we had, all of us. You skated for the first time! Cynthia gave us cheese cutter skates for you; she even had a helmet for you too. You were so excited to skate, you did great for your fist time too, you feel a few times but I told you that everyone falls, and when he say Daniel and Audrey falling, you realized it was ok to fall too, and you continued. Once you were tired, we were able to find a sleigh that fit you and Daniel in it and Audrey pushed you guys, you were in heaven! Your father came and joins us that night as he had to work and we were all happy to see him!

The next day, we went for a nice walk, have fun in the snow then we went togobaning, LOL, you did not like falling off the toboggan that’s for sure, you got very upset, after calming you down, you were ready to do it again. Even your father and I went down the hill; Audrey was just amazing with you, as you would go down with her most of the time. We had such a great weekend!

January 17th, VACATION time! Yahoo, your father, you and I went to Cancun, Mexico; we stayed at the Sea Adventure Water Park resort. It was a great place for children, you had a blast, we had great weather each single day, what you did not do, hhmm as you did so much, you just love the beach, as soon as you saw it, you looked at me and said, maman; ou est mon seau, LOL, and of course I packed you full of toys for the beach. You just love playing with the sand and building things, I can just watch you all day, as you often say “j’ai une bonne idea” which just cracks me up, each time you say it, Also, at the beach, you had your own little paddle boat which you loved, you were able to go in and just go where you wanted in the water, (of course your father or I were about 2 feet behind you) you just love it! There were two pools and you just love going back and forth in them with your toys. The water park was great, but a bit scary for a 3 year old I would say, so you were happy with the small pool that you could just walk in. This resort also offered such a great kids program, we would go once in a while together to take a break from the sun and oh my you loved it. Each day, they would have a schedule of what was on the agenda, it was so well organized, even I wanted to play. So with the kids club; you roller bladed, decorated a chocolate cake which you eat afterward, you did a bracelet, a pirates hat for the evening show they had that night “Pirates of the Caribbean” which you wore! And on the last day, you even tried to kayak. You just had a great time! There was even one day that we decided to take a fairy and go to an island that has so much, we rented a golf cart and just went all over the island, we stopped a place for us to go and see turtle, there was so many of them, some even albino, hey were so white. There was also some fish tank that had a really neat lion fish, one tank had an ell, one had a beautiful star fish with sea urchins and a big crab and my favourite tank was the one with sea horses, there were so many of them, even babies of ½ and each long. I was happy we stopped. Then we went to a park to go and see dauphins, which was fun, there was even a park there and you were having a blast and at the last minute we saw a seal. Once we left we wanted to drive the golf cart, which you did, you sat on your dad’s lap and “helped him” to steer. You did a great job, and then you looked at me and said, you wanted to sit on my lap, I would say within 3 minutes you were sleeping. What a great feeling! We finished the day by going back to the hotel and relaxed by the pool.

Well, it was time to come home and once we got home, oh boy, you were so upset, you cried as you wanted to go back to Mexico; I guess that is a good sign, meaning you had so much fun, you just did not want to leave. I had to explain to you that the house we had was just someone who lend it to us. The next day, you looked around and saw all your toys and realized that you were home and you looked happy and Mexico was never mentioned. You even went to daycare that day as you were so happy to see your friends; I was told you kept hugging them all day. You even brought back to each of your “classmate a gift, a turtle that the head moves. You were so happy to give them each a gift, and we can’t forget all the educator, they all got something from you too.

January 28th, we were invited to Lori-Ann and Emi-ly’s 5th birthday party. We went to 123 Go, an indoor play center, we had do much fun, Richard, Chantal and there daughter was there, Manon and her daughter was there too and you also made new friends that day. From there we went to see Marilyn as she was having a B-day dinner for me, as my birthday was around the corner, we had a great time.

Now, January is finished and who knows what we have plans for you in February, I just know that what ever we do, it will be fun as always, as we love you so much!


Thursday, December 22, 2011

December 22nd 2011

3 days before Christmas....

Boy, we will have a busy Christmas, we are going for breakfast with your grand-parents Proulx on the 24th, and then we will come home to relax as we were invited to go to your Uncle Pat's parents for Christmas Eves. And on the 25th, we will have fun here at home in the morning, as Santa Clause will have come for a visit to drop you off your presents, I can't wait! Then we will be going to Uncle Luc's as Santa will have dropped by there as his bag was too full for the entire house, so he has to do two trips.

But today was the last day at daycare. I wanted to dress you up so you can look your best for the last day, so I asked you which shirt you wanted to wear; blue, green, gray, burgundy, then you looked at me and said the red one, I ask you why? You told me, because it is your favourite colour mommy. Wow, you took me by surprise. I just love you. Now the best part is you will be with us till December 27th, we will have so much fun together! Can't wait.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

December 21st 2011

Another month almost over

Well, poor you, you had pneumonia, it was really bad, the daycare called us to let us know you had a fever and you did not want to eat or drink, so your father picked you up from the daycare as I made an appointment for you to go right away, They told us that you had a cold and that it might turn into pneumonia, that night, your fever went up to 103.4 - I was so scared, I called Info-Santé they told me what to do. The next day, you and I stayed together, you only wanted to be in my arms our on my lap, which was fine with me. We even fell asleep on the couch together. Your father was here too with us, but you only wanted to be with me. Then next day, we went back to the doctor and sure enough, they gave us antibiotic for you to feel better. After 3 days, you were getting better, your fever broke, which I was so happy as it was always at 101.0, it just did not want to go down. You were home for 4 days and by the 5th day you wanted to go to the mall, especially the Dollar store, so we went to Dorval shopping center as we knew that there was going to be face painting, a train ride and of course a Dollar store. We bought you a horse that walks, you played with it from 10:30am till 3:00pm. You were just so happy to be out of the house. You even feel asleep in the stroller, as for sure pneumonia does tire you out. So after you 4th train ride and your hand being painted as an elephant. We listen one more time to the barber shop women quartet which you just loved watching them as they sang Christmas songs, it was time to leave.

Once we got home, we just relaxed. By Monday, you were ready to go to daycare, once you were there, you were happy to be with your friends again.

Now, we are 4 days before Christmas, we did all our shopping for you, I picked up your last gift yesterday, it is a table for you to play with your trains, it has 100 pieces, so we got the rails, the trains, the accessories around the train. I am sure when you will see it, you will jump for joy. It is funny as you have been doing so many beautiful decorations for the house at the daycare, but you gave us a letter that you wrote to Santa Clause and you included a picture of what we just bought you, so now I am sure you will be happy.

Love you Alexandre, glad you are feeling better, just a few more days to go for the antibiotics which you are a champion as you take it twice a day and you never complain. You are such a good little trouper!

Tu est mon soleil


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November 29th 2011

Ok we are not even in December and we have done 3 Christmas activities so far!

First we went to see the Santa Clause parade downtown on November 19th, it as so much fun, the weather was perfect, we dressed you nice and warm and you were sitting on me the whole time to see which float was coming next! We saw so many things, clowns, elves, musician, trains, the beautiful fairy of the North Pole, and of course at the end, Santa Clause, you were so excited to see him, the joy in your eyes, speechless.

And as of today, you went to see Santa Clause twice, after Wym Gym last weekend, on November 26th, we went to a mall near our home (place Vertu) to go to the dollar store to get you a little something and I realized that there was going to be face painting and that Santa Clause was going to be there, so I called your father to come and join us and sure enough, you got your face painted, they did a Rudolph the red nose reindeer on your face, it was soooo nice and you saw Santa Clause, mind you, you were a bit scared so you did not sit on his lap nor did we take any pictures that day. But it was a fun morning! Once we got home. We had to get ready as we were going to Uncle Luc’s for an early Xmas as Grand-papa Guy is leaving for Florida for 4 months. It was so much fun, you played so much with your cousins, Isabelle and Mark are so good with you, and mind you they all are! Your aunt Nathalie was there too with her whole family. We had a nice dinner and you were happy with your Xmas gifts you received from Grand-papa, he bought you superman slippers, which you have been wearing every day since you got them, a fun building block toy and a magic drawing pad. It was a fun evening, we left there home very late, it was closer to 11:00am which you have never done, but there is always a first for everything. Once you were in the car, you feel asleep and slept in till 8:00pm – Yahoo!

On November 27th, we went to see Sandra in the morning to get a few things and you built your very own ginger bread house, Mark and Isabelle had fun helping you, all 3 of you guys did a great job! Once we left there we went to Gallerie Des Sources as we knew that Santa Claude was going to be there and Dora and Diego, once we got there we were in line to go and see Santa Clause, meanwhile there were clowns giving out balloons, you were so happy to get a blue balloon, plus one made you one out of a giraffe, oh boy, did your face light up, as any animals from Africa, you just get so excited! Once it was our turn to go and see Santa Clause, you sat on his lap and spoke to him for a few minutes; you were so good and brave! Your father and I were so proud of you! Once we said our good byes to Santa, we went for a bite to eat and then I think it was your best part, you went on a train ride! Oh boy!! You were so excited! You could not wait for it to be your turn! And once it was, you wanted to sit in the blue train and you went alone like a big boy! I fallowed you to make sure you were ok, you never saw me until the end when I was taking pictures, you smiled at me and said’ Allo Maman” – I was so proud! I think we spent a good 4 hours in the mall, as you did not want to leave, once you notice that Diego and Dora were gone and Santa was leaving too, it was time to go home. In the car you told me that you did not want to take a nap, I answered back, no problem, I think 30 seconds later you were snoring in the car! You are too funny! I brought you inside and you slept for a good 2 hours! Someone was tired. What a great weekend we had! Mind you, all our weekend are fun!!

Love you Alexandre!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November 15th, 2011

Halloween came and went but oh boy we had 4 days of it and we had a ball!!

Let’s start with Friday, Oct. 28th, you had a Halloween party at the day care, they rented the hall so all the children and parents could stay and have fun with the children. On Saturday, we went to Pointe Claire as there was a hunted house for children to go and play in, it was fun, you got your face painted, a crocodile on your cheek and you even got a balloon shaped as an elephant, so you were in your glories. After that we all went to the park as it was such a beautiful day. On Sunday, we went to a party with Katerine and Jacqueline, another hall. This was a private party that had: a magician, a DJ, a person who came with lizards, spiders and other little creepy crawlers, there was also: face painting (which you asked to be an elephant), a bouncy toy, finger nail painting and tattoos but you did not want a tattoo but your finger nails to be painted blue, so, we did, (you had blue nail polish for a good week. The food was great too, you had cotton candy, popcorn, pizza, cheese and lots and lots of water and juice as you were just having a blast with Katerine! I had a blast just watching you! Before the party finished, the entire Mascot came out to greet the children, there was Snow White, Ariel, Dora, Mini, Whinny the Poo, Mickey and so much more. What a day it was! At the end you left with a nice bag with candies. On Monday, Halloween day, I went to pick you with Mamie at the day care and we went to the mall - Gallery des Sources as each store was giving out candies, so we ask Sue and Vanessa to join us, you had fun going to each store and saying trick or treat. And did you ever get lots of candies.... Then we drove Mamie home and went to see a few of her neighbours as they had bags of candy for you too. Oh boy - hahaha. Once we got home, we were ready to give out our candies, you were more then happy to answer the door and give out the candies, you were so funny as each time the door bell would ring, you would say "encore" but in a good way, then you would say "OK buddies, I am coming" you were fun to watch, as you just love to share.

Now, if you ask me what you were dress as... I would have to say your favourite animal... An elephant that you wore at each event and you would make sure that I brought it each time. You would jump on one let as you were so excited to wear it. Even today being November 15th, you are still asking to wear it at the daycare. I think I will keep this custom for ever...

Love you Alexandre, thank you for being my sunshine

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Oct 20th, 2012

Ok, can I have a pause button please as I would like to stop time for a short while... so many activities that I am loosing track but I love it!

Lets go back to September 3rd, now that was a fun day, as it was the first time you go fishing, yup, as promised your uncle Carl took you fishing, of course we were there too and Aunt Francine. We went up north, St-Adele, where there was man made pounds, we rented everything there for us to fish and sure enough we caught so many fish, each time you would be the line in the water, a fish would bite, you were so excited, so was I!

We stopped for a short while so we could have lunch, next thing I knew, you were playing with other children, they were trying to catch grasshoppers and baby frogs, you were just fallowing along and running with them. It was great to see.

We finished off the day by having everyone over so we could eat the fish, not to sure if you like it not, but just the fact that you caught them, was satisfying enough! What a fun day!

The next day, we went to Centre de la Nature in Laval, as it was family day, you were so tired that you did not feel like going on any rides, but you were content of just sitting in front of the stage for show to begin, which was Toc Toc Toc and Kaboom, two TV shows you have been watching on TVA for quite some time now. You were so excited, I just loved watching you!

Sept 11th, our traditional pique nique with TDH, we meet people who have adopted and some who are waiting to adopt. It was such a beautiful day, as you played in the park for hours with Katerine. You too have fun together the whole time! Chantal, Richard, Mae-Ly Rose was there too, and so was Manon with her daughter and Lucie with her twins. It was fun just being all together once again.

Sept 18th another fun day, we went apple picking. Grand-papa Guy, Aunt Nathalie, you and I were there. It was such a beautiful day, hot day as well. We went on a tracker ride that dropped us off at the apple orchard so we could pick the apples, you were great at it. Grand-papa would sometimes pick you up so could take an apple from the tree, you loved it, you even started to eat one too! LOL - We spent the whole day there as there was also a farm that you and grand-papa went to as I was getting lunch ready. You even feed a horse an apple, you were laughing as he eat the apple all in one bite. You were very amazed by that... LOL, once we got home we got ready to go to Aunt Nathalie for dinner, we even made apple crisp for dessert. What a fun day!

Sept 25th, Let me say that this was fun!!! It was your birthday party, yup; you turned 3 years old.... And for something that was suppose to be small became big, I guess we love you so much that we just got carried away - lol - we rented a hall and invited friends from your daycare, then friends from here and from Mamie's neighbourhood. All to say we were about 55 people. The theme we did for your birthday party was "CARS" as you just love McQueen and Matter so we made sure that everything in the hall was in that theme, even the water bottles had "Cars" on them. Your aunt Leona and I worked really hard to make everything perfect just for you! And I have to say that we both enjoyed it.

We also hired Educazoo to come and talk to you about reptiles and other animals, they has brought with them, a rabbit, a turtle, 2 mousse, a lizard, an iguana, 2 snakes, big and a small one and a Ferret. You sat there the whole time just listening and touching all the animals, you were great! After that it was time to play with the other children as the hall was full of toys! Then it was dinner time. Once dinner was finished, we hired a person to do face painting and balloons for everyone, she was amazing, you asked to be a tiger, and oh boy, you sure were. Now for the best part, your birthday cake! We decided to have a theme of jungle animals, since you just love elephants, and you were so excited when you saw it, your face just lit up and you looked as us and said: there is an elephant on my cake, with such joy. I just love it.

On Sept 26th, your real date for your Birthday, we decide to go to Scores with Aunt Leona, as she did so much for your Birthday day, plus I wanted here to be there with us, as she jus adores you. We had a nice dinner and for desert, the waitress came with a cake for you, you were very happy!

Oct. 8th and 9th, we decided to go to Ottawa for the long weekend, just you and I, we went to visit Cynthia, Andre, Audrey and Daniel. We had a blast, you and Daniel play so well together, even thou he is 4 years old, you two get along. It was another beautiful weekend, so we were outside a lot; you were in the sandbox a lot with Daniel, and just having fun. We also went to visit the Butterfly exhibition now that was also fun, Cynthia gave us each an orange for us to hold as they love oranges, and sure enough a few came and eat the orange. There were so many butterflies that they would land everywhere; on your head, your shoes, on my shirt. And they were so beautiful! We had such a great weekend; I just can't wait to go back!

Now that you are 3, I have to admit you are getting wiser, you just discovered that the letter A is part of your name, and you get so excited when you see it. We are trying to show you more letters, per example; M for maman, P for papa, E for Elephant of course LOL, you seem to be grasping the concept of the letter. I love watching you grow.

Now about your potty training, lol - we are not there yet, you do go on the potty when you need to "P" but we need to remind you, I think so far you have asked to go by yourself 3 times, we are getting there - LOL - number 2, that will take another 6 months, as you are NOT ready, but that is ok, as everyone has there own rhythm, and that is fine. No pressure that is the key. ;o)

Halloween is around the corner... we are getting ready, we decorated the house, which you are so happy about, you keep saying: j'ai l'Halloween chez nous. LOL - You even told me that you wanted to get dressed up as an Elephant, so we went to buy you a costume of an elephant, I can't wait to see you in it!

On my last note, as I just had to share this, you looked at me the other day and started to sing to me: bonne fete: mon amour, bonne fete mon amour, bonne fete, bonne fete, bonne fete mon amour, then you gave me a big hug out of no where. You put a big smile on my face and in my heart.

I love you so much Alexandre, tu es mon soleil!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 30th 2011

Where did the month of August go??? It went so fast, but in a good way, we were so busy, let me tell you all about it;

August 6th, we meet up with Marilyn, Line and Julie and there family for a fun day at Voyageur campground, we went to spend the whole day with them, you has so much fun at the beach, going to the park and playing crocket with everyone. I am hoping that eventually we can all go camping for the weekend!

August 7th, we went to Cornwall Ontario to visit my cousin Joanne and her family; you had a ball playing with Phillip and Matthew. They also have a pool, so you had a great time swimming, as you are becoming such a little fish!

August 14th, our true vacation, we went again to Maine with Mamie, we had two days of rain and two days of sunshine. One of the days that it was raining we went to a restaurant for children called Chucky Cheese, oh boy, it was like a huge amusement/arcade, all in one, the noise, the toys, the people, it was so much fun! You were in heaven just playing one game, and that was the bowling one, you could have played that game all day. But after 2 1/2 hours being there, it was time to leave and go back to our cottage which had an indoor pool, so you had no problem with that idea!

Once the sun came out, we went to the beach right away; we were there from 8:45 to 4:00. It was such a joy to see your big smile and showing me the beach! And the waves, they were so much fun, even though you were in our arms, a few of them got us, I do not believe you liked the taste of salt water so from that moment on, you would close your mouth each time one would come our way. You were making me laugh so hard! Then your father would make you sand castles or a "pool" for you to go in with the water from the ocean, and you were very happy with that. Once we were back to the hotel, you would play outside in the park as they had a tree house and you would call that your farm and you kept telling us that you had to go and feed the animals, especially the pigs, you are too funny Alexandre! What a fun vacation we had!

August 23rd, we all went to Granby Zoo, it is the second time we go as we try to go each year, but this time we took a two day pass, one day for the zoo and the other for the water park. We stayed at a nice motel that had an indoor pool (which we all liked) and a nice park. So, let me say that once we arrived at the Zoo, we had to go to Africa right away, as you still think you come from there - lol (still working on that. When you saw the rhino then the elephants, then the zebras and the giraffes, you were so excited! You started to sing. Just watching you, it was amazing, your father and I were jus so happy to see how much fun you were having! We did the whole park that day, we went to the farm part of the zoo, the on the monorail, then we finished off the day at the amusement park. What was so amazing is that you were big enough to go on a few rides by yourself, and you were so proud! You are becoming such a big boy Alexandre and we are so proud of you.

The next day, we had a surprise, our friends from Ottawa meet up with us, Cynthia, Andree and there two children, Daniel and Audrey which you just adore. Daniel is a year older then you but is the same height as you. You and Daniel get along so well, you both love being with each other and play so well together as well. So we spend most of the day at the water park, it was so much fun doing the lazy river with you. I think you felt like you were in a boat. After that we went to visit a few more animals before it was time to leave. What a great two days that was.

August 26th, I picked you up early from daycare so we can meet up with Cynthia and her family again but this time we went to Old Montreal and China town. It was fun just walking around. Your father meet up with us in the afternoon, Cynthia and her family had to leave but we stayed till 7:00pm and saw a few street acts, one of them was a Dragon Dance, it was beautiful, you were on your dad's shoulders and in an "Aaa". Once that was finished it was time to head home, but to your surprise, there was a clown there and she made you an elephant made out of balloons. Yup that made your day! Boy I just love you!

August 28th, we went to the Shiners Circus, which I always wanted to do with you. You were so excited as you knew that there was going to be elephants! And sure enough, before the show started, there were two big elephants that came out and if you wanted to ride, you had to go in line, I did not hesitate, as we ran to get there as fast as we could. First I thought I was going to be with you, but no, it was only for the children, so they sat you down on the elephant with other children and next thing we knew, you were going for a ride, you never cried, as you knew I was right there if you needed me! Then we got your face painted as Spider Man, which once again you made us laugh, as you kept pointing at your face and saying: regarde je suis Spiderman, you were so proud!

Oh boy, what a great month of August. Now September is around the corner and you will be 3 years old in a few weeks, how time is just passing by so fast! Too fast!

Love you Alexandre, with all my heart!


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August 2nd 2011

A few activities has come and gone but I just had to share them with you, as we are doing so many activities together, and we are having a blast!!

Let’s start with July 22nd and 23rd. We were invited to go to Ottawa as they were having a BBQ with all the families that have adopted from Vietnam and China. This was our second year that we have been going, and it is so much fun. We have made great friends and so have you! At the BBQ, there was water slide for the kids to play in, a swing set and our course a nice in ground pool, which you never left, as you were in heaven! You loved jumping off the diving board with your floater, your father and I were there to catch you of course, and you must have jumped at least 10 times. You were so brave!

We stayed with Cynthia and Andre, as we arrived on the 22nd. They have two children which you have meet a few times before, Daniel who is 4 and is the same size as you, people even say that you two look a like, I find that too, but the best part, you guys play so well together. He also has a sister Audrey who is 10 years old and just loves you! She is always taking care of you, she is great!

When we arrived, you played outside in the sand box for hours with Daniel, then we had a bit to eat, after lunch, we all went swimming in there pool. Now this is where I was really impress. You were standing on your own on a boggy board in the water with Daniel, again no fear, you kept falling and we were there to pick you up and you would continue and continue until WE needed a break, you are such a little fish... We love it.

Once it was time to drive back to Montreal, you were as tired as you had such a fun weekend! I can't wait to bring you to Ottawa again for you to see your friends again!

July 30th, we had another BBQ at Lucie's house, oh boy, more friends for you to play with, as Lucie has her twin girls which are 4 years old, Chantal and Richard were there too with there daughter who is 13 months old and Manon with her daughter who is 22 months old, you were the only boy, but you did not care as once again, you had fun with the swing set, water toys, sand box and all the other toys that the girls had in the house, you were in heaven!!

July 31st, you and I went to the beach, Cap St-Jacques, it was such a nice day, we got there at 11:00 and left at 3:00. We were with Julie and her daughters and even Marilyn’s girls were there too. They all played with you in the water, they were great!

Now that August has arrived.... lets see what is around the corner for you.

Love you Alexandre


Thursday, July 21, 2011

July 21st, 2011

We went to Pays des Merveilles with Grand-Papa Guy and your father even took the day off so he could spend the whole day with us. It was great! We got there at around 10:00am and did lots of rides, you were so excited to see all the rides, and your smile said it all. Grand papa Guy enjoyed watching you too! You would waive at him when you were on a ride, you were so sweet.

At around noon, we stopped so we could have a bite to eat. I packed a lunch for everyone, it was so hot that you eat but very little, plus you just wanted to do more things... The weather, I have to admit was getting to all of us, it was way to hot, so at around 1:30, we left to go and see Grand-papa at his place so we could go swimming his pool. You just love it, you were showing him how you jump in the water with no fear and no life jacket. I get scared each time you jump, enough to say that I enrolled you in swimming lessons.

So, twice a week Mamie comes and gets you from daycare and brings you to your swimming lessons, you just love it, you are in the pool for 30 minutes and they are teaching you so many things. Once your lesson is finish, Mamie drives you back to daycare. Now you are wondering why is Mamie picking you up and not me. It is because if you were to see me, you would want me to go in the water with you and I would just distract you, with Mamie, you listen to her very well and you know that she will not go in the water.

But don't kid yourself, I am behind the fence each time, looking at you and cheering you on, even though you do not see me, I am there 100%.

Love you Alexandre

Monday, July 18, 2011

July 18th 2011

Another great week just came and went...

I went to get you from, daycare on Wednesday at around 9:30am, you looked at me with such a surprise on your face as you did not know what was going on. So you asked me; maman on s'a va ou? I told him, at the beach, a la plage! Oh boy, your face just lite up with such joy. I had everything ready in the car and off we went to Cap St-Jacques, yup just the two of us. Once we got there. Julie was there with her two daughters, Samantha and Sabrina. We went to visit the small zoo they have, you seemed to have like to see the horses, cows, and ducks. But you were really looking forward to the beach. So once the zoo was finished and we had our pick-nique we headed for the beach! Oh boy, the moment your bathing suite was on you, off you went, you just loved walking in the water. You were not afraid of how deep you were getting but I was (smile). We would take a break once in while as you would get cold, then within minutes you wanted to go in the water again. LOL - I brought with us some beach toys, so Sabrina made a big whole and called it your pool, but the water would never say, it was funny to see your face. So after being there for 3 hours, it was time to leave. You slept all the way home and was happy to tell your father that we went to the beach.

On Sunday, we went to visit Linda and Kevin. Oh boy, another fun day as they have a "farm" as well, rabbits, pigs, goats, lamas, mini horses, ducks, chickens and racoons. You were in heaven, as after dinner, we had to go and feed the animals. Let me tell you, you were ready and willing, you were not scared at all, Linda would tell you what to do, and you listened so well. It was fun just watching you!

They also have a pool so we had fun swimming with Cheryl and Katiera too. And once it was time to leave, you were a bit disappointed, you did not cry but you did say that you wanted to go back and see the lamas again. I told you yes, we will go back....

What a fun summer we are having so far! And there is so much more to come!

Love you


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 13th, 2011

Ottawa was our last stop!

We went to the Canadian Museum of Nature, wow, it is such a big museum. There are 4 floors and each floor has 2 sections; extreme mammals, water and earth gallerie, fossil and bird galleries and so much more! We spent about 2 1/2 just looking and touching activities that were there for the adults and children. After that, we went to dinner at Sandra's house. Her son Matthew is a bit older then you, but it did not matter as you had a ball with him. They have a fun slide that you just loved and then you guys played super hero together. It was funny seeing you with a cape, now I need to get one (hahaha).

We finished off Sunday with a great gathering for breakfast, we had Samantha and Woody with there family, it was great seeing the twins (Max and Vanh) then we had Cynthia and Andre and there wonderful family (Audrey and Daniel) and Francesca and her new addition Matteo who just turned one and is cute like a button, and the best part is that your best friend was there! Katerine, we all drove up together, all 4 of us.

We stayed at a really nice hotel, Extended stay. It was so big that you and Katerine had so much room to play! The best part, we got to sleep together ;o) First you wanted to sleep with Katerine, and then you got a bit nervous and wanted to sleep with me. Mind you Katerine was nervous too.

On the drive home, you slept the whole time as we did so much and had so much fun. You even slept in on Monday, till 6:20, which is not your normal time, you normally wake up at 5:15 - 5:30am - yup - everyday lol

I just love you!


Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4th 2011

We had a great week as we all went on vacation!

We stayed at Attitash Mountain resort that has an outdoor and indoor pool, a game room, 3 parks and even a shuffle board! So when we arrived, we all went for a nice swim in the pool!

The next day, was so much fun as we went for a nice train ride in North Conway. You were so amazed, you kept looking around and once the train started to move, you yelled out; All aboard! It was so much fun to see your reaction. Once the train ride was finished, we headed back to the hotel for more pool time and shuffle board as you just loved playing with those big mallets. I believe they were 3 times your size, but it did not bother you a bit, you kept pushing those disks on the ground! ;o)

The fallowing day was for me the best as I always wanted to bring you to New Hampshire to Storyland, it is a great amusement park made for kids from the age of 15 and less, so you were able to go on all the rides! It was so much fun, you went on a pirate ship, you saw a circus, we even saw a show with a scarecrow, which you were a bit nervous about - hahaha - you drove a car went on a train ride, and you even discovered bouncy balls that you were in heaven just jumping into them. You did so much that day, we got there at 9:00am and left at 3:30 as we were all tired at that point, but it was such a great day! Now I cannot wait to go back next year with you as I have a feeling and I hope that this will be an every year event!

When we got back home, I have to say that you looked happy to have found your toys, your bed and your surrounding. Then off to the pool we went!

Now I am looking forward of going to the beach with you in August, another great adventure to look forward too!

I just love doing things with you!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 23rd 2011

So many things in a weeks time....

June 13th, graduation at the daycare! Each year when the children graduated and all of the other children "change" room and there is always a show at the church. So, this year your class sang "j'ai perdu le dos de ma clarinette" it was so much fun watching you on stage with your "classmates" but what made if funnier is that you did not move, you got stage freight! Everyone was singing and dancing to the song. You just stared at everyone watching you! Your face was in Awe.

Once it was finished, the curtain closed and you came out with your friends to see on the floor to watch the other do there show, I guess I would have to say, that lasted 3 minutes, as soon as you saw me and Mamie, you ran to us and sat on my knees to watch the remaining of the show. After that it was cold pizza and cake for everyone. What a fun afternoon that was!

June 18th, you and I went to see Jacqueline and Katherine as it was a special day for Katerine, she was doing her show as she takes gymnastics and each year they finish with a beautiful show. We got to there house late afternoon enough time for you and her to play a little together, then we had supper and then the show. It stared at 6:30pm so we had to be there a bit early. Once the show stared, you were just amazed. The customs, the music, and the gymnastic the girls were doing. All to say you were dancing , smiling, clapping to the music, you were so much fun to watch and you had fun till the end, 9:00pm. Once the show was over and we were waiting for Katerine, you went on the stage and stared to do some "culbute" and having fun with balloons. Just watching you was such a joy!

June 19th, what a great father’s day we had last Sunday! It started off you waking up at 6:35, which you normally do not do you normally get up between 5:20- 5:30. So your father and I slept in. Once you woke up, you were so happy to give your father's day card to your father, it was so nice. You made it at the daycare and the card looks like a tuxedo, very neat! Then it was of too breakfast with Grand-papa Proulx and Grand-Maman, but the best part is that Carl and Francine joined us and Brian and France and they had there grand-children, your second cousins!! Anthony who is 4 and Lucas who is 3. You sat next to them at the restaurant and played with them. You had a blast. After the restaurant we went back to Grand-papa so you could play some more with your cousins. It was a great morning.

We went back home and spent the afternoon at the pool, we brought your pool toys and you played and played till 5:00, as it was time for dinner.

Since then, after day care, weather permitting of course, I have been bringing you to the pool and you have been having fun with your new friends in the small pool and the big pool! You just love the water, And Since Sunday, you have been sleeping in, Monday 6:35am, Tuesday 7:40am, Wednesday 7:05am and Thursday 7:15... Let’s see how long "this sleeping in will last....

I have to admit that I enjoy driving you to day care in the morning, as your father normally drove you but since you are sleeping in, he leaves for work, so we take our time to get dress, and we just play and have breakfast together. As your new favourite cereal is loop loops, meaning Fruit Loops. It is so cute when you as for it.

Another fun thing that we are doing right now is we are baby-sitting a dog called Shumie, he is a beagle who is 9 years old and is so good with children, and you love walking him and feeding him. We only have him for a few days but you are having fun with him, it is like a new toy! hahaha

Love you Alexandre


Sunday, June 5, 2011

June 6th 2010

What a great weekend we had once again. This time we went to Centre de la Nature in Laval, such a beautiful park, and it has so much to offer; a beautiful lake, canoe rides, a train for children, face painting, pony rides and even a small zoo that had: rabbits, chickens, cows, goats, deer’s, pigs, horses and much more. And that is not to mention the huge park they have for children and the picnic tables that they have if you wish to eat outside! It was just so much fun!! Jacqueline and Katerine were there too, they meet us there and you were so happy to see Katerine!

So, as soon as you saw the train, you started to scream of joy! And we told you that yes, after lunch we would go. Boy, I have to say that you listen so well, you played in the park with Katerine for a while, then we went to eat, then it was time for the train ride, you were so excited, the conductor gave you your ticket, then he had to take it back to punch a whole in it, you were just amazed, then it was time to go. So Katerine, Jaqueline, you and I went as your father took pictures of us leaving for our train ride. The smile on your face… priceless…. After the train ride, we went to the zoo to see the animals, we feed the goats and the pigs, and then we took you on your very first pony ride. We put you on the horse and you were smiling away, once it was time to go, the horses went in a circle and you were just proud of being on a horse by yourself, what a proud moment for your father and I. We were just watching you!

After a long but fun morning/afternoon, it was time to go, you were not to happy about leaving but we told you that next time we would come back, we would do the canoe ride and much more, so you seemed happy with that. You got into the car and I think within 5 minutes you were out like a light. You slept for a good 45 minutes. Once we got home, we were expecting Francine and Carl for dinner, and you were very happy to see them! You gave them lots of hugs, so while I was making dinner, your uncle Carl was playing with you and you just loved it! By 7:45 you were so tired, we put you to bed and as a gift to us, you slept till 6:30am which you very seldom do, I mean seldom, hahaha, you normally wake up at 5:20 each day, so I have to say” Thank you Alexandre” mind you anytime you wish to wake up (after 5:15) we are always ready for you! As we love you so much.

Sunday, we had another fun day, we spend the afternoon at the park and you were just happy going outside again. Them Mamie and Doug came over for dinner, you wanted Doug to sit next to you, which he did, you eat very well and never said a word. Once you were finished your dessert, it was time for bath and them bed. You looked so tired at 7:30 but you wanted to watch a bit more of your favourite move which is now Madagascar (a few months ago it was Horton hears a Who) lol, now lets see what time you will be waking up tomorrow LOL

Love you Alexandre


Friday, June 3, 2011

May 31st 2001

We had another fun weekend together. We went to the Biodome and the Redpath museum, it was so much fun. And we took the subway to get there and that was itself so much fun. You were just watching everything that was going on and each time the doors would close for the next station, you would say: on y va, lol lol .

Our first stop was the Biodome in the morning, Julie, Samantha and Sabrina were with us and they were a great help, especially when it came time to carrying your stroller or you as you wanted to see all the animals, and you did. We saw parrots, different kind of birds, ducks, a sloth, a porcupine, an alligator, a monkey and of course, lots of fish and even a ray! It was so much fun seeing your reaction. At our last stop at Biodome, we went to the souvenir shop, I asked you want you wanted as there was so many “stuff” animals to chose from, but you picked a “Lemur” which is white and black with a ring tail, people think they are monkeys, but they are not and believe it or not you only find them in the island of Madagascar, (which is one of your favorite movie).

Then off to the Redpath Museum to see the Dinosaurs! We had to take a bus and once again, you did not mind, you actually feel asleep in my arms in the bus. Once we arrived, and you saw full of artefacts of dinosaurs, shells, mummies and full of “stuffed” animals, like wolfs, beavers, owls, lion, gorilla (which you thought look mad, which was very funny), links, eagles and much more, you were just smiling away. I have to admit I just love seeing your reaction. When we were about to leave, a worker gave you a fossil of a sharks tooth, you were so lucky!

What a great day we had! Your father came and picked us up in the afternoon and you were so happy so share your day with him. And of course you went to bed with your lemur and slept till 6:00am.

Love you


Sunday, May 29, 2011

May 27th 2011

A few events have happend since I have last written ;o)

Your cousin Paolo turned 18 years old on May 18th and we had a great party for him at his house, then Mamie Nicole also had a birthday party May 22nd. And the news about you is that we started you on your "potty training". It has been 2 weeks now, we bring you to the toilet every 15 minutes and you are doing great. We are hoping that by the summer you will be in underwear and no more pull ups. But if you are still in pull ups, that is ok too, as we do not want to rush you! We are just happy with the progress you are doing!!

On a different note, you are doing very well with you big bed and I have to say that you are now bilingual which is so funny as one minute you will call me "maman" then the next minute you will call me "mommy". Everyone is very impress with you and your father and I are so proud as you are such a smart little boy. It is so funny because your father and I speak in English to each other, and you listen to every word we say and understand everything. So we are now spelling out everything so you will not understand everything .

You are now 2 years and 8 months old as of today and it just seems it was yesterday we went to get you in Vietnam.

We love you so much Alexandre!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May 3rd, 2011

You are in a big bed now!!!

Today your father took the day off and he and I did your bedroom, meaning we took away your crib, and your dresser and everyting that was "baby" related as you are big boy now and we transformed your bedroom to a "jungle" them. It took us about 6 hours to do and it was worth it.

We picked you up from daycare and when you opened the door of your bedroom, you were just amazed, your face said it all, when you say your comforter and noticed all the animals on it you, you started to name them; elephant, giraffe, tiger. It was such a joy to watch and of course I had teary eyes as now, there is not going back. It is a new chapter.

I just love you


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April 27th 2011

Easter is over and boy did you get spoiled....

We started of on Friday, going to Leona's for arts and crafts and you has so much fun painting and gluing your very own mobile. It is so nice that your father and I made sure we hung it where we could all see it. Also, I must say that Leona spoiled you again with a really nice Easter basquet, you had so much fun stuff in there; stamps, toys, stickers, chocolate etc, it was so much fun watching you open it.

Saturday, Jaqueline and Katerine came over for a play date and after that we went to St-Hubert B.B.Q to meet up with Grand-papa Proulx, Grand-maman Proulx, Oncle Carl et Tante Francine. You had such a great time as Katerine was there too, so you too played a lot in the kids section of the restaurant.

Sunday, it was Easter, so we did a small Easter hunt, and you found window decorations and a Thomas the train chocolate, which you were so happy about. Then we went to Julie's house to cook a nice ham and to celebrate Easter with them. You had a blast as Samantha and Sabrina brought you to the park for a good hour!

Monday, you had another play date with Katerine. They came over in the afternoon as there was an Easter egg hunt at Bois de Liesse park. there was so many children, it was also such a beautiful day. We found a few eggs and at the end we exchanged then for a chocolate egg. You had such a great time!

Tuesday... back to our schedual, the daycare and you really did not mind. I think you wanted to see all your friends.

Next Sunday, we are going to your aunt Nathalie as she is doing a Easter dinner (a week later) but that is ok, you will have fun with your cousins that's for sure!

Happy Easter Alexandre. Love you very much


Monday, April 18, 2011

April 18th 2011

We went on vacation you and me! We went to Cuba for one week with Mamie and we had a blast! The weather was amazing; it was 29 degrees each day, hot and humid, just wonderful Cuba weather!

Let’s start with the plane ride. We were are the airport and you were just waiting for us to board and looking at all the planes outside with great joy in your eyes, then it was time to get on the plane. You were so good, you sat there like a big boy in your very own seat next to me and were just amazed of what was all around you. You were so funny when we landed as you could feel the plane slowly dropping in attitude and you were just laughing with me. I was afraid your ears were going to hurt, but since you were eating jujubes, it did not seem to bother you at all. We got our luggages and headed for the bus to bring us to our resort called Meliá Cayo Santa María. I was a bit worried as the bus ride was 1 1/2 long and you did not mind at all, you were sitting next to the window and looking at the small villages and the animals on the side of the road such as horses, bulls, sheep’s and a few dogs. Next thing I knew, you were sleeping.

We got to the resort at around 3:00, we unpacked a little and went for a bite to eat at the buffet, it was getting late and dark but with all the beautiful landscaping and all the lights around us you were still able to go for a quick dip in the pool before bed time.

The next day...our vacation began!

We went to the children pool, the adult pool and of course the beach which you just adored. You were making different friends each day and really enjoyed playing with them. One day you even surprised me, you were in the "big" pool that slowly drops down in dept and you were getting so brave, you were not scared at all, next thing I knew, you were putting you whole face in the water, and you were laughing and asking me to do it with you. You were so funny. As the days went by we meet someone from Quebec, Mireille and she had also adopted a little girl, same country as you, same orphanage and same agency (TDH) her name was Isith, but we all called her Izy. She was 3 1/2 and was your best friend. We did a few things with them, we would eat together, go to the pool, the beach and we even took a nice catamaran ride. You were so sweet with your life vest and not moving an inch. You were amazed that you were on a boat. Mamie came with us too as she was enjoying the sun! There was even a park for children with a daycare. We went there three times, once with me, the other times with Izy for about an hour as you just loved it. I would come back with lemonade and sandwich for everyone, and then we would go to the pool. You were just having fun!

Mamie was a great help too. She played with you at the beach, the pool, she would take you for walks in your stroller, and we even had a connecting room so it was great that you were able to walk straight to her room then back to ours, you had a big bed and you were so proud. We had our little routine and you were great. You would get up at around 6:30am each morning and had a bottle of milk, and then I would get ready making sure I had everything for the morning. We would go for breakfast and you would eat eggs, ham, cheese, crepes, watermelon, what ever you wanted, you had it as there were so many choices. Mamie would come and meet us afterwards and we would walk back to our room to get ready for the pool or beach! You would just sing as you were so happy, you had two songs in your head, one was Olé Olé, Olé, Olé feeling hot, hot, hot and the other one was Un Elephant sa trompe sa trompe. You were just making everyone laugh. There was one morning that you were singing outside and one of the workers on the premises heard you, he took a coconut and cut it open for you to drink it, and you loved it!

The week came to an end.... I have to admit that I believe you and I were both tired and did not mind heading home. So it was back on the bus ride to get to the airport. You slept on the bus for a good hour, so did I, and then once at the airport we had great news, the plane was able to leave 50 minutes earlier. On the plane you kept asking me: Sa va maman? and I would reply, sa va et toi? And you would say; oui sa va. You were so sweet. Once we landed and let everyone off, the pilot was there and asked you if you wanted to sit and "fly" the plane. Oh boy, your eyes got so big, and sure enough you were behind the wheel of the plane with this biggest smile on your face. I had tears in my eyes as just watching you with such joy, it was just amazing.

Home sweet home..... Papa was waiting for us at the airport with a nice balloon for you and flowers for me and Mamie. You started to talk about what you did, your father was so happy to see us!

What a great vacation we had, I can't wait to do it again you and me!

Love you so much


Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14th 2011

Another fun weekend I just had to share...

I just found out that every Home Depot store has once a month a workshop for children from the age of 3 to 7. So I just had to try this out with you. So off we went you and I. You were so excited as I kept telling you that you will have your own hammer and tools, the smile on your face was priceless. Once we got there, all the children were sitting around this table on the floor and there were cardboard for you to sit on. Next thing we knew they were giving out aprons for everyone to wear, so you were proud, Samantha who was giving the activity at the store put it on you, you were so adorable, you did not move, you were just smiling away. Once that was put on you, you sat down and they all gave you your "project" and it was a race car, you had all building from scratch. So you had to clue it, then hammer all the nails (ok I helped a little) ;o) - then you had to put the wheels one and the last part was the stickers. It was so much fun watching you as you did IT! you built your very own car! Then of course you had to test it, so we were just rolling it back and forth for a good 20 minutes. It was so sweet to watch!

Then it was lunch time, so you and I went to Harvey's and we shared one of our favorite meals together, a good old fashion poutine and pickles. It was fun watching you eat the cheese and the french fries, then it was time to head home and let me tell you, as soon as we got home and you were ready for your nap!

I can't wait to go back with you for the next project!

Love you Alexandre


Sunday, February 27, 2011

February 27th 2011

Joy - Joy - Joy

Another full weekend! Started off at McDonald's on Friday night with your friend from garderie Mikael, you guys had so much fun playing and having diner together, it was sweet to watch.

Saturday, we had another busy day, we started off the day going to breakfast with your Grand-papa Proulx and Grand-maman Proulx at Moe's, it was so much fun seeing your reaction when you saw them, you were so happy. We got back home and we played for a while till you went for a nap and once you woke up, you wanted to paint. So we all had a paint brunch and painted little animals that I bought at the dollar store. Then we got ready to go shopping and to go and have dinner at Chantal and Richards' house, you were again excited as you love to see them plus Maé-Ly Rose which is now 8 months old. You are so good to her, you give her, her basifier, her water and her toys. Next thing we knew it was close to 8:00pm and it was time for her bath and bed, so Chantal wanted to know if you wanted to take a bath with her, you said yes. Next thing I knew, you were naked and runing for the bathtub to be with Maé-Ly Rose. You were helping Chantal to rince her. You were so gentil.

Sunday, another fun day, we went to Kazoom you and I to meet Katerine and Jacqueline. Your face just lite up when you saw her arriving. You two played together for a good 3:30 hours, you would stop once in a while for a snack then you guys would go back at it again. It was a fun morning. When you got home, you were so tired, that you relaxed a bit then you took your bottle and went for a nap and slept for a good 1 1/2 hours. When you woke up, you right away said; papa j'ai fait un beau dodo and you had a big smile on your face.

What a great weekend we had!

Love you


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February 22nd 2011

What a fun but busy weekend we had!

Let's start with Friday night, we went to a nice restaurant in Laval with Chantal, Richard, Maé-Ly Rose, Annie and her two sons Nao Tan and Raffael, Marlene and her friend. You were so excited to sit next to Nao Tan as he was close to your age, so you two were just playing with your toys, drinking out of a straw which you just love to do.

On Saturday, we packed the car and we were off to Ottawa, as we had another dinner waiting for us to celebrate Tet, the year of the Cat. Boy that was fun, we were about 9 families with there children, and all children there were also born in Vietnam, just like you, plus you guys were about all the same age group between 2 and 3 1/2, you had do much fun! since we had a private room at the restaurant, you were able to run around with the other children and just have fun!

We stayed in a nice hotel which was more like an apartment (Embassy Suites) and you were amazed that you could run around the kitchen and come out the other side. So that was another bonus.

On Sunday, we had plans to meet up with another family for breakfast, Sandra, Phillips and Mathew who is 3 years old. Once again, you were in heaven as you had another friend to play with. Then from there we went to the Canadian Children's Museum to meet up with Woody, Samantha, Max and Vanh. It was so much fun seeing your reaction when you walked in the museum, the first thing you saw was a bus! so you ran and got in it right away and pretended you were the bus driver, and we were singing the wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round. You were in heaven! Then we walked around the mesuem to see what else the had, there was a boat that you climb in, then piramids and a camel that you sat on, a puppet show that you and your dad did for me, a motocycle, I can go on and on as it was a great hands on musuem for you. I can't wait to go again!

Samantha and her family and us when to sit down after that as it was snack time. You guys eat very well as you burn so much energy running and playing around the museum. Then it was time to head back home. Let me tell you, you slept all the way, 2 hours, and I am sure you would have slept more if we would have driven more.

What a great weekend we had with friends!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

February 6th 2011

What a great weekend we had!

It was your first play "date" at Kazoom, an indoor play ground. Your friend from daycare, Mikael came to join us. It was so much fun, we got there before him and when you saw him walking in, oh boy, your face just lite up of joy! Them moment Mikael had his coat off and his boots, you two where in heaven, just running around and exploring everything together. it was so much fun to watch.

Saturday night, Chantal, Richard and Maé-Ly Rose came over for pizza. You were so happy to see them, you were just smiling away and I must say that having a baby in the house, wow, you were so excited, you kept giving her some of your toys, you were so sweet!

Sunday, we went to Lucie's house, as it was the twins birthday Émi-Ly and Lori-Anh. They are now 4 years old and they are so pretty. Well, let me tell you they were so excited to see you, they kept "saying bébé" est arriver, but when they saw you walking they both realized that you were no longer a "bébé". You had so much fun with them, so much that when it was time for us to leave, you were so upset, you just did not want to leave. You kept saying NO Maman! NO!

It was nice to see everyone there. Chantal, Richard and Maé-Ly Rose, Manon and her daughter Sarah-Mai were there and Lucie's family and friends. But I have to say that when you saw Chantal, you were so happy, I think you told yourself, wow a familiar face within all these people I don't know, so you stayed in her arms for a while. Chantal was in heaven!

What a busy but fun weekend we had! I just love you.


Monday, January 31, 2011

January 31st 2011

January is over... just a few more month for winter to leave us, and I am looking forward to it....

I forgot to mention that January 30th was your mom's birthday. Which I would have forgotten if it wasn't your you and your wonderful father. You two brought me shopping for new clothes, then on the day of my birthday, you brought me flowers! It was so sweet, as the flowers were bigger then you, but you did manage to hold on to them!

We went for dinner twice that week-end, once with Julie and her family, Marilyn and her daughter Liz, Atilio came with his son and a friend which she had two children of he own. But the best part was....Leona was there, you ran to her with open arms as you were so happy to see her and I think you know that each time you see her, you get a 'small" gift, and sure enough, she had plastic farm animals, stickers, coloring books, crayons of Toy Story, etc... yup, once again, you got spooled by Leona lol - she loves you so much.

The next evening, we went to another restaurant with all the family; Mamie, Doug, Nathalie, Pat, Julian, Paolo, Luc, Sandra, Mathew, Victoria, Isabelle and Marc. You were in heaven as you just love Isabelle, so we made sure you sat next to her and you were in your glories, you kept stealing her French fries and black olives, it was funny. Then you guys all moved to a smaller table so you can do a bit of arts and crafts with the crayons and sticker I brought. It was nice seeing you play with your cousins!

We got home at around 8:30pm and you were 1/2 asleep, you just looked at me and said: maman, dodo... and we put you to bed right away. You got up at around 5:30pm.

What a great weekend I had with you and your father. You always make me feel special Alexandre!


Friday, January 28, 2011

January 29th 2011

You make me laugh....

What a great week we had, you can tell that you are no longer sick and that you are back to your happy go lucky personality.

I just had to share with you what you said this week, as it was way too funny. I need to cut your hair and I said to you that if you did not cry, you would get a "cadeau", so sure enough you sat there on your dad's lap like a big boy and I was able to cut your hair. Once you were done, I gave you your "cadeau" it was Percy the train that goes with Thomas, oh boy you were so happy. The fallowing morning, as your father and I were getting you ready for daycare, you looked at me and said; maman je veut un cadeau, I told you that Santa Clause is gone and next year he will be back and that you cannot get a gift each day. You looked at me and said; bye bye maman, I asked you where you were going? you answered me; Au Pole Nord. I replied "bon voyage" you started to laugh.

Also, I have share with you that your vocabulary is just getting better and better each day and you are so smart, you remember what we tell you. You speak now with 4 words sentences, and just the other day you saw a train, then you said to me: un train maman, and I replied; oui un train, then you said avec des vagons. I was amazed that you remembered.

I just love you so much


Sunday, January 23, 2011

January 23rd 2011

January is almost over Alexandre...

I posted that we had such a fun day on January 9th, which we did, you played in the snow and was just loving it. What we did not know was that you are so fragile when it comes to the cold. So on January 11th, you started not feeling well. The daycare called and told me you were very upset and that you were starting a fever. So we went to he clinic and sure enough, you were starting a cold but not to worry as your ears and lungs were fine but keep you home for a few days. The next day, your tongue started to have a big white spot on it, so we brought you back to the clinic and they told us you had canker sores, very common when a child has a fever. So poor you, each time you eat or drank it would just hurt you so much. I felt so bad for you and so sad. You were so defenseless, it broke my heart. With a 103 fever, canker sores and chap lips, oh boy.

On January 18th, you were doing slightly better and you can see that you were getting bored at home and wanted to see your friends at daycare, you would even mention Ousamma's name (a teacher at the daycare), so we realized it was time for you to go back, you had no more fever, your canker sores were 90% gone. So the next day, Tuesday, you were back at the daycare with your friends and you were fine, well I would say 70%. On Wednesday, we received a phone call from the daycare to let us know that that you were just not yourself, you were just so tired, which was normal as you would get up at 4:30am each day as you were just not feeling well and so sore. So we picked you up from the daycare and went back to the clinic to make sure that everything was ok with you. The doctor told us that you were fine and that you just needed to get lots of rest.

So your father and I decided that you would finish the week at the daycare and since you were sleeping so much there, we would keep you up longer during the evening to see if you would sleep in, yes pass 4:30am and you did.

Today being January 23rd, I have to say that I am please, happy, relief as a mother to see you back to normal, you are smiling away, eating, drinking like you did before you got sick. Yahoo!

It was the first time since you have been with us that you were that sick and it just broke my heart as you could not express yourself. I wish I could have taken away your pain and put on me, I just love you so much and seeing you like that was very hard and I was so heartbroken.

I am so glad that you are back to your happy go lucky self and have to admit that from now till spring, we might hold off on any outdoors activies, as I really don't want you to get sick like that again.

Love you Alexandre


Sunday, January 9, 2011

January 9th 2011

What a great day we had...

This morning we went for breakfast with Grand-Papa et Grand-Maman Proulx at Chez Cora's. It is amazing how long you can stay without getting inpentient, you just sit there eat what we give you (ham, fruits, bread etc) and you play with your toys and you do not say boo. You are so good, it is just wonderful.

Once we got home, it was so nice outside that we put your Winter pants and we played outside, we took out your sleigh and we pulled you around in the snow, you were just laughing away and having fun. At one point you thought you were in a train so you kept saying "chou-chou". You are just such a joy.

After your nap, we went to see your cousins, as Victoria had a school project to do, I believe it was called what inpired you. So she asked me to come over so she could "interview me" by asking me full of questions about you. How we found you, where you were from, what you eat, where you slept etc. So while we were doing this, you were playing with Marc, Isabelle and Aunt Sandra. You were having a blast!

I just love you!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

January 5th 2011

A new year!

We started New Years Eve at St-Hubert restaurant with Grand-Papa Proulx, Grand-Maman Proulx, Uncle Brian, Aunt France, your cousin Adam, Cathy, Uncle Carl and your and Francine. They were all so happy to see you! as usually you ran to your grand-father and he was so please. You can tall how much love he has for you. It is just amazing to watch! Your grand-father picked St-Hubert BBQ because it has a play area for the children, and let me say, you were so happy, there were Lego's, chalk boards, balloons and you got to play with new friends. It was funny as your father or I would bring you to the room and you would say; bye-bye Maman or papa so we could leave and you could play with your friends. You were just so adorable.

New Years day, we went to your Aunt Nathalie. So many people were there. Your uncle Pat's family plus Mamie. We had so much fun. You played with a Santa Clause that was as big as you, you played with Paolo and Julian and everyone else. You were the center of attention as you were just so polite and sweet with everyone.

Your aunt Nathalie had a special decoration on the table so you two had the time to have fun with it. It was four little angles that would go around and around with heat once you lite up the candles, you were so in "Awww' I think you sat on Nathalie's lap for the longest time looking at it and trying to blow the candles so she could re-lite them. It was sweet to watch.

We left there at around 9:30 and you slept all the way home and woke up at 6:15 the next morning. Boy you were tired, but the best part is that we were with family and you had fun!

Love you


Sunday, December 26, 2010

December 26th 2010

Christmas came and went, but we had a blast!!

December 24th, we went for dinner with your grand-parents Proulx, it was so much fun as you just love seeing them, you always run towards then for your hugs and kisses. It is so sweet to see. We stayed at the restaurant for good hour and a half and you were so good, you were having fun with the waitress and putting stickers on her hand and she was just smiling away as I think you made her night everyone was looking at you and smiling.

As soon as we got home and put you to bed, your father and I got all the gifts ready and set up the train to go around the Christmas tree, we had so much fun, we had Christmas music in the background. Just the joy your father and I had, I just could not wait for you to wake up!

December 25th was our day!! you woke up at around 6:00am and your father brought you to the basement so you could drink your milk and slowly wake up. I came down shortly after and you were playing with your train, so I asked you if you wanted to come upstairs as Santa Clause came when you were sleeping, you looked at me and said NO, it was so funny, then your dad kind of coached you to come up, we just laughed.

You came up the stairs and realized that Santa Claude did come, and even thou there was about 10 gifts around the Xmas tree, you saw the train! You were so excited, you looked at me and said; le Pere Noel ma donner un train Maman, as you really, really wanted a train for Xmas. You were so excited. Your father showed you how to turn it on and off with the music. Oh boy, you were so mesmerise by it that you just did not care about the other gifts that were waiting for you! We told you that Santa Clause brought you other gifts too. So you finally stop the train and we started to give you your Xmas gifts. You got: puzzles, a Buzz Light year, building blocks, a music bear, PJ's, a puzzle book of Caillou, Walkies-Talkies of Elmo, a Jack in the box with Elmo etc... you kept saying encore un cadeau. But as much as you were enjoying opening your gifts you enjoyed distributing the ones for your father and I. And you were also glad to help us open them too.

By 8:00am we were all done, you were playing with your new toys, your father and I were cleaning up and we all had such a wonderful smile. It was just amazing seeing Xmas through your eyes Alexandre.

Then we went to see your Aunt Leona and Aunt Pauline to give them there Xmas gift and let me just say that we made there Xmas as much as they made ours that morning. They had a nice gift waiting for you, your very first Fisher Price Digital Camera, you just love it! and she had sticker books for you too. They love spoiling you! then you gave out our gifts to them too and once again you helped them open it. They were just smiling of joy! We all were. Then Leona took out some of her music Xmas decoration. You sat on the floor and just loved to press the on button and dance to the music. You are such a ham!

We got home at around 11:30am so you could relax and have a little nap as we were expected at Uncle Luc's and Aunt Sandra for 3:00, we got there at around 3:30 and your cousins were so happy to see you, Mark, Isabelle, Mathew and Victoria. They all came running to you when we arrived, and within minutes you were in the basement playing with them. They found you so funny and cute. You were having a blast with them.

Mamie arrived shortly after and then Tante Nathalie, Oncle Pat, Julian and Paolo. You were happy to see everyone. Then, guess what! Santa Clause came himself to distribute the gifts. You were so happy, you went into his arms right away and you were so proud! Santa stayed till all the gifts were distributed then he had to leave to go and see the other children and to distribute there gifts too. You gave him a hug and a kiss and off he went.

We got home at around 10:00pm which is very late for you, but you were fine, still going strong with all the new toys you received from Santa Clause; trains for your train set, Elmo Play dough, a Fisher Price car parking toy, a huge elephant that you just adored. You were saying on the way home; encore des cadeaux. So I explained to you that Santa Clause is now home, in the North Pole and that he needs to relax as he will only be coming next year. You were listening to me attentively, and you were repeating the same thing; Le Pere Noel est parti a la maison. Then withing minutes you were sound asleep in the car.

Today, being December 26th, we are all so tired. We did a few errands this morning and by noon we were home. We gave you lunch then your milk and next thing we knew, you were feel asleep, and you slept for over 2 hours. I guess you needed it

What a great Christmas this was!

Merry Christmas Alexandre. I just love you

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December 14th 2010

So much to share....

Today was a fun day at daycare. Santa Clause came for a visit and gave everywhere a candy cane and a book, you were so happy about the candy cane you asked me to open it right away.

I love the fact that you are not scared of Santa Clause and that you know that Santa Clause will be coming soon to give you gifts and you also know that you have to be a good boy to get them, so when we remind you, you just smile. It is so funny! and let me tell you the only thing you are asking for is a train set, you keep saying" Maman; Pere Noel, un train" and you even have a picture from a magazine that you keep showing me. You make me smile.

So in 11 days, Christmas will be here. I can't wait!


December 14th 2010

Well, while you were sick, you manage to still enjoy the Christmas decoration that Leona and I put up. Now you even tell me to turn on the light for our Christmas tree and you keep saying "C'est beau" with a big smile.

Your Grand-papa Guy came for a visit, he wanted to see how you were and wanted to give you a kiss and a hug before he left for Florida, as he goes there each year for a few months, see he likes to play golf a lot. But the time the he was here, you made him smile. You were playing with a musical Christmas toy and it was so sweet to watch the two or you together.

It was been now, 6 days now that you are on antibiotics and you seemed to be back on track but you are still tired, which is normal. Last night you asked us to go to bed at 7:15 instead of 7:40 and you slept till 6:15am which you very seldom due, you were so tired and if sleep is what you need, that is what we will give you . You woke up in a great mood as we told you that Santa Clause is coming to visit you and the other children at the daycare, oh boy, you were so excited, you kept telling me that you wanted a train.

I will be dropping by today to see you with Santa Clause for a short while to take pictures. Then you will be just fine with all your friends at the daycare which loves you so much!


Monday, December 13, 2010

December 13th 2010

Well it has been a long few days, but it is getting better. Poor you, you caught a cold that turned into pneumonia. Your father and I brought you to the clinic last week and the doctor gave you antibiotics. Your fever went down right away after giving you Tylenol every 4 hours and your medicine which I might add you did not hesitate to take. Which was and is a good thing.

Today, you went back to daycare, it has been 4 days that you have not been so you were not to please this morning, I guess staying home with mom and dad beats the daycare. But once you were there, you were fine. They told us that you were still not your 100% and wanted to play alone and that your appetite was not there, but that is normal, you still have 5 more days to go with you antibiotics, then you will be find. Mind you, you are not far from being yourself again as you are still smiling, laughing, running and playing. LOL

You are such a great trooper Alexandre and I love you so much.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

December 5th 2010

Let the holiday season begin!!

We had a great time on Saturday, we went to spend the day with Grand-Papa guy up north. It was a such a beautiful day that we even went for a nice walk outside. It was snowing lightly and you were just loving it!

Aunt Nathalie, uncle Pat, Paolo and Julian arrived shortly after for our wonderful Christmas dinner. You were so happy to see Uncle Pat and everyone one, you ran to the door to great them. After a short while we decided to give out the Xmas gifts. You were so sweet, you did not care about your gifts, you just wanted to distribute the gifts for everyone else. There is one thing about you that I have to admit and be proud of is that you love to share and you always say "thank you".

We left up north at around 9:30 and you were sound asleep by 9:33. As you were so tired and you had such a full day and I knew that tomorrow was going to be as busy with the Santa Clause parade at Two Mountain with Julie's family.

Sure enough, Sunday morning before the parade, you were having so much fun with all your new toys that I believe it tired you out - lol - as you were down stairs in your fathers arms at around 10:00am and next thing we knew, you were sound asleep in his arms. I took you from him so your dad could do a few things around the house and then within 10 minutes you were just snoring. So I laid you down on the couch with your blanket and you slept for over 2 hours, which you have not done in a very long time at the house, boy you were tired.

Once you woke up, we dressed you warmly and got ready to meet up with Julie, Samantha and Sabrina and of to the parade we went. You were in heaven just watching was was around you and all those marching bands, you were in a "AAhh' mode. You were just watching and absorbing everything with a smile on your face. You would go in my arms then on your fathers shoulders then back in my arms, you just did not want to miss anything.

The last float was with Santa Clause, and you saw him coming, you were so happy, you kept telling me you were there ( Le Pere Noel est la) you kept saying, it was sweet.

Now, being Sunday evening, you are sound asleep and I hope you have wonderful dreams of this weekend, as I know I will.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 1st 2010

What a joy you are.. yes, I keep saying that but it is so true, each day you make me smile and laugh, there is something about you that I just love and adore... and always will.

Today, I had to share what you have been up to that has been so much fun and that is we are babysitting a dog called Zeus for 10 days and let say that you are enjoying this so much, you love feeding Zeus and giving him water each day. Each morning you get up and ask for him and just can't wait to give him a hug or a kiss. And when you are back from daycare, you make sure you say hi to Zeus. What a character you are! and Zeus is just loving the attention too. He is a great dog that lets you pet him, kiss him and hug him too.

I had to attache a few pictures and a video, as I know you will forget about Zeus when he leaves, but for me, the memories will always be there!


Monday, November 29, 2010

Alexandre taking a train ride Nov. 2010

November 29th 2010

Christmas is around the corner and we were able to see Santa Clause yesterday. Would you believe that he landed by helicopter close to our house, yup that is right, at the Gallerie Des Source, we were waiting for him to land, and he did! it was so exciting to see your face when you saw the helicopter, words can't describe it. Then we waiting in line to get your picture taken with him and you were so brave, you did not cry! Next thing you notice was a train that was going around inside the mall, so we waiting in line for your turn and once again you were so patient. It was such a fun family day we all had.

Now I can't wait for Christmas as we have so many gifts for you!

Monday, November 22, 2010

November 22nd 2010

Last week we took you to get your hair cut. I have to admit that I normally do not go as you get so upset, as you cry so much and you look so scared that it just break my heart. So your father normally goes with you. But last week, I told myself that I wanted to be there for you and to surprise you. You were so happy to see me, you jumped in my arms and you were just smiling away until you realized that you were still getting your hair cut - ops - so the hairdresser gave you a lollipop and then I sat down on the chair with you. You were not crying just yet, so I explained to you that when you used your scissor as day care, it doesn't hurt, so it will be same thing, you seemed not to mind as I was explaining you what was going to happened, but all to say she never used the scissors, she used the razor - ops - lol - so I had to change my story real fast, so as she started to cut your hair, I was asking you what kind of sound it was making, I asked you if it was the sound of an elephant, you said no, then I asked you if it was a sound of a lion, you said no, then I asked you, what sound was it? with no hesitation, you said; a bee, you were so proud. By the time we named more animals, your hair cut was done and you never cried. Your father was in the mall looking in and he saw how brave you were. We were so proud of you!

Now for the reason of your hair cut, today was your first "Day Care" picture since you have been there, I was so excited to dress you today, I just did not know what to put on you. But after looking at your closet at least 15 times, I have decided to dress you up in Ralph Lauren, all in blue! I can't wait to see the pictures and share them with everyone.

Love you Alexandre


Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8th 2010

What a brave little boy you were on November 5th.

I picked you up at daycare so you can go for your annual check up at the doctors, and I have to admit, I was more nervous then you were. As each time we go, you just cry so much of fear, even before Dr. Loyer sees you. But not that day! We got there early and you were playing with a few toys and you were content.

Once she called you in, you just smiled and looked around. She check your heart, your ears and your mouth, and you never said boo. You were not smiling but you were not crying either, which was a good thing....until she asked me if I wanted to give you the flu shoot. I thought about it for a few minutes and told myself, you are in daycare, better be safe then sorry. So, Dr Loyer gave you your shoot. Oh boy... you were not happy, as it did pinch a little and it is normal for you to be upset. I have to say you cried for a good 2 minutes then I asked you to make the sound of the elephant for Dr. Loyer, you were so proud as you did it. What a brave little boy you were that day! Before we left, she gave you a sticker of a "Bee" you just loved it as you made the sound of the bee for a good 10 minutes and keept telling me; Maman abeille.

So, as a reward of you being so good, you and I went to McDonald and played in the games. You were so happy, you eat a bit of chicken nuggets, drank all your chocolate milk and of course ate all your french fries. Then we surprised you by you turning around and seeing your father waling in. He came to join us. We had so much fun all three of us!

What a joy you are!

Love you


Thursday, November 4, 2010

November 4th 2010

Well Halloween came and went and of course we dressed you up!

You were Woody (as in Toy Story) at day care, you even wore your hat and brought in with you your action figure to show everyone that you were dress like him, and of course they all thought you were just adorable. At around 10:30am, I came to surprise you and I was dressed up as a cow. I came into your class room and saw a little song to you and your classmates and gave each of you a bag of candies. You were looking at me and I can see in your eyes you were not to sure. I was just happy you did not cry. The best part is that you never knew it was me!

Once I picked you up from daycare, I asked you if you had a fun day, and you said; yes, then I asked you if you saw a cow and you said' yes, and then I asked you if she was nice and you said; yes, phew LOL.

On Sunday, Halloween day, we went to Pointe-Claire mall to get you winter boots and dressed you up as Elmo, you just loved it and once again people would stop just to look at you as you were just having fun in the mall chasing a balloon and not realizing that you were Elmo.

Once we got home, you made your very own Halloween cookies for the first time, you were funny as you kept looking a the oven and wanted to eat them right away, but I kept telling you that they were not ready yet, but oh boy, once they were ready, you were in heaven, I believe you ate at least 3 sugar cookies and kept saying; c'est bon, c'est bon - lol - you made me laugh!

That afternoon we went to another mall Gallerie Des Sources as all the vendors there were giving out candies, so it was nice to see all the children with there Halloween custumes on. And oh boy did you get a lot of candies. I am not sure you knew what was going on, but you were saying merci and trick a treat a lot - lol - lol You were so much fun to watch. Your dad and I were just smiling from ear to ear!

We finished off that evening at Mamie's, we did not stay long as you were tired. It was a long day for you, that is for sure, you were happy to be home and back to your toys.

Monday was another special day. It was your dad's birthday, so we all went to Scores for dinner, Mamie joined us with Doug, Grand-papa and Grand-maman Proulx were there too with your God father Carl. It was fun.

Once we were finished the meal, it was time for the birthday cake an we all sang Bonne Fete to Papa in French and you were so excited and you even helped your dad blow the candles out. What a fun evening it was! It is always fun with you in our life!

Love you


Thursday, September 30, 2010

September 30th 2010

You are now 2 years old! oh boy!

What a great party you had for your birthday. We did it at Mamie's house as we were so many of us. All your aunts and uncles and cousins were there and Marilyn and her daughter and Julie and her whole family and Lucie with her twin daughter, Chantal and Richard, Jaqueline and Katherine, Manon and her daughter Sarah-Mai and your Aunt Leona. You were so happy to see everyone. You just loved the attention. We sang Bonne Fete Alexandre about 3 times during the day and you just loved it. You would clap or say "Encore". You made everyone laugh and made them feel special as you would go and see them and just give them a hug.

When it came to opening the gifts, oh boy, you were in heaven, not to sure if it was the gifts or the tissue paper you like but you were just having fun! Then it was cake time after dinner, we ordered you a chocolate cake with a "finding Nemo" fish. Your eyes and your smile just got bigger as you saw the fish on the cake. It was so much fun to watch your reaction. I have to admit that you eat all your piece of cake too! Then we would ask you, quel age a tu? and you would reply with a big smile "j'ai 2 ans" and made everyone laugh.

What a beautiful day it was to be with family and friends to celebrate your 2nd birthday.

Love you Alexandre